We are Evans and Stokes. A Metal / Hard Rock collaboration focused on telling stories through music. Most of our songs have Christian themes, though we do explore other areas of interest, such as mental health and history.

Specifically we are John Evans (USA) and Jenny Stokes (New Zealand). We connected in October of 2016 through a songwriting forum and collaborated together on one song. Fast forward to today and we have released two albums and are getting ready to release our third!

Our journey is an interesting one but probably not all that uncommon in this day and age. Since we literally live on opposite sides of the planet we have never met. In fact, in the two years we have been together we have only spoken to each other one time via a Skype call. We create our music through thousands of back and forth emails and file sharing. It's a difficult way to do things, but we make it work for us.

Our first release 'Beyond the Gates' was a great experience and the album was well received. In fact it was selected as number 13 on Angelic Warlord's top 20 Christian Metal albums of 2017. This was a concept album that told the story of a lost soul who is enslaved to addiction, but finds redemption through faith. Reviews of the album were positive stating "one of the finer independent releases of the year", "stunningly composed", and "poetic".

Our follow up to 'Beyond the Gates' was 'Valley of the Kings'. This album was set in ancient Egypt. It told the story of the rise, reign, and fall of the great female Pharaoh Hatshepsut. This album was also met with positive reviews. Andrew Rockwell of Angelic Warlod stated, "it can go from bone-crushing heavy to lightly acoustic and back again at a moments notice".

With two records now complete we are diving head first into our third 'Children of God'. Unlike the first two this album will not be one main concept, but rather a collection of stories and lessons that are tied together by their Christian theme. (Although we couldn't resist telling the story of The Exodus so that one track on our album is nearly 15 minutes in length, due to it being a longer story to tell).