"It's quite an epic album"    "Biblical and thought provoking"

"it can go from bone-crushing heavy to lightly acoustic and back again at a moments notice"

"melodic harmonies and powerful refrain that has doom-like written all over it"

#13 on the Angelic Warlord Top 20 Metal Albums of 2017!

Rating: 90%

"Children Of God starts in a rawer, hard rocking form only to gradually get darker and more Gothic moving ahead prior to reaching its melodic progressive close."

Overall Rating 9 out of 10

"Children of God is an excellent collection of well-crafted songs with beautiful melodies, engaging guitars and exceptional lyrics"

"an all out assault of metal edged guitars"

"Haunting and atmospheric"

"this album is anything but monolithic with Evans and Stokes bouncing around Metal styles freely and shamelessly"